Sunday, July 19, 2009

I'm So Happy!

I love organizing. . . at times, it can be a weakness of mine. When i walked down to the basement and saw this. . .

I was so excited. I immediately got out my label maker (yes, organization freaks like me have label makers) and labeled the tubs. Now our stacks of tubs won't float away again. . . and we have more room. I cannot believe how many tubs are baby/kid related. And i am sure this is just the beginning!

It is amazing what a little organization can do!

Thanks TJ for building these wonderful and safe shelves. They are super sturdy (even for sneaky climbing children!)

And, did you notice the clean, bleached floor. If you could have seen it before the sweeping and bleach- dead worms, decaying leaves, soaked insulation, and filth. Yeah! He is almost done with bleaching the basement floor. What a huge job it is to get the basement back to normal.


Charity said...

Good job looks awesome!

*sarah* said...

That looks fantastic! Way to go TJ!!!

tarapetty said...

I love it! I love organization too. Very glad you've been able to get your basement back to normal after the disaster. Hope this prevent future headaches.