Friday, July 15, 2011

Leelanau Peninsula

Tomorrow our family of four is leaving our house for a week as we stay at a condo on Leelanau Peninsula. We will be surrounded by beaches, family, good shopping, and historical sights. We can sit poolside in our backyard (more like be in the pool with two little ones), watch private airplanes land and take off, ride bikes, climb up the old skiing mountain, walk on sand dunes, build sand castles, ride on boats, and read a book during nap times.

All the daily chores and cares will be caste aside as we inhabit a home that is not ours. We can crank up the air, do laundry (only if we want to), grill ribs all day, see how many beaches we can hit in a day, and go out on a date. I can't vacuum or scrub toilets. No dusting or cleaning windows. I do wish i could water my hanging baskets, but i can't so they might die.

It takes a great deal of planning and packing to get our family of four to the condo prepared, but i know it is worth it. TJ is staying up late trying to get ahead on some of his assignments for his grad class. I am just up late in great anticipation of leaving tomorrow

I will be away from my computer. I am leaving it behind. I will go through withdrawal, but then i will realize just how much reading i can get done without a computer!

See you when i get back.

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