Monday, March 12, 2012

Trevor & Lori

I was reminded how fragile life is, how health and routine can be so easily taken for granted. Friday, I was talking to Lori on the phone on her ride from work until she got home. They were going to go grab a bite to eat and she needed to let me go.

The next thing I know, gail is calling me Saturday morning to tell me that Trevor was in the hospital. He was violently vomiting and complained of immense stomach pain. It turns out he had an obstructed bowel. They had to put an NG tube to pump out every thing in his stomach in hopes of relieving pressure off of his bowel. They hooked him up to IVs and got some morphine into him to help with the pain. They did scans and x-rays, but were not confident what was causing the pain. His intestine could be twisted or there was a mass.

He was absolutely miserable for three days while they tried to figure it out, always hoping to get a better x-ray.

Today in the late afternoon, they finally did surgery to remove some of his small intestines. There was scare tissue there, a condition he was born with, but didn't know it. I am sure recovery will be long and difficult.

I guess i didn't need to go into so much detail, but i just felt so bad for Trevor and for Lori. The sound of the discomfort of the NG tube, the constant nausea or the pain of the anti nausea shot, the pain and the not knowing. I felt bad for Lori, as i so easily put myself in her place. All the mixed feelings and trying to hold it together.

And to think, they were just carrying about like normal a week ago and now, unable to go to work, to go home, and to eat. Life can just get flipped upside down so quickly.

I am thankful he will be okay. I am thankful that gail was there for Lori, who had to be there for Trevor. I am thankful to the doctors. I hope recovery goes quickly and smoothly.

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gail said...

I'm so thankful for your heart, Lins. I love you, gail