Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Passenger Side Garbage Bags

Every time I went anywhere with my mom and had to ride on the passenger's side, I sneered as I sat down and saw the plastic grocery bag hanging from the column shifter.  It was always in my way.  Always touching my leg and it was often full of ashes, toothpicks with the hooks on one end, and kleenex.  I hated the thing and was very verbal about my hatred. I would be dramatic and complain that it was taking up way too much space, that my feet couldn't even fit on that side of the car.

In the Corsica and the Beretta, it hung from the shift, but when my mom got the Malibu, i couldn't believe what i saw.  The Malibu actually had a little hook on MY side of the car that was made to be a garbage hook.  I remember being so irritated.  How could they encourage my mother in this fashion?  It was like the car makers were giving my mom permission to hang her plastic Kroger bag there, as if she needed permission.  Ugh.  The nerve!

I write this because as I was driving home today, with the kids in the back of my car in their seats, I glanced down and saw the pocket in the door filled with my breakfast bar wrappers.  A thought came to my mind that made a smile spread slowly across my face- I wish i had a plastic grocery bag for all this trash.  At first, I tried to push the thoughts away as soon as i realized what i was thinking, and then i just decided to embrace it.  Why not?  I had often complained of all the napping my mom did, too and I have learned to embrace that.  So why would this be any different?  She had a good idea and it was time to admit it.  Although, instead of filling my trash with ashes, I am going to fill it with healthy protein bars that are 6 points on weight watchers. 

Now I just have to check to see if my car has a handy little hook from which to hang a plastic grocery bag.

Love you mom!

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