Monday, November 16, 2009

Nothing Beats It

When i got home from school today, i was greeted by my beautiful daughter. She came out of the house and onto the porch with her new green purse swung over her shoulder as it overflowed with Fisher Price little people. She had her smile. . . the one that her cheeks push up in her eyes, turning them into crescent moons. She opened and closed her palm up in the air and said "i, i, i " (hi, hi, hi). I love all the little squeals that escape her lips. Once inside, i got settled into my jammy pants and grabbed my string cheese to nibble on while i played with Jaely.

Jaely climbed up onto the overstuffed chair and patted for me to sit next to her. She smiled her sweet smile. I sat down, knowing full well what she wanted. Our cheese sharing has become quite the daily event. I sat down, squeezing between her and the arm of the chair. She immediately signed "please" meaning "can i please have a piece of the scrumptious string cheese?". She giggled as i tore the first piece and handed it to her. Before she was done chewing it, she signed "please" again. This continued until the whole string cheese was gone.

What a perfect moment. . . sharing my cheese with my daughter as we cuddled in the chair. It really doesn't get much better than that.


gram gail said...

Catch it and keep it in your heart.

Anonymous said...

I have a similar image caught and kept in my heart of a little brown-eyed girl sharing the rocking chair with me as I read a book and she took little pieces of her slice of bread and rolled them into little dough balls and ate them. GG