Monday, May 31, 2010

I Felt the Baby Move!

I felt the baby move for the first time last night. There is nothing like it. I just stayed still on the couch and waited and thought. It is amazing how much we love this baby already. It is an awesome love. . .one that is not based on choices or decisions that this child will make. It is not based on personality or preferences. We love him/her just because she/he is a gift from God. Nothing can make us love it more or less. What an amazing love. Now i understand how my parents loved me, regardless of mistakes i made, choices i made, goals i've accomplished, and my faults.


Charity said...

Ohhhhh I miss that feeling. Can I be one of those wierdo's and touch your belly once the baby gets bigger?

gram gail said...

It's an incredible blessing to have the opportunity to feel that kind of love. I'm thrilled that you can feel Baby Ellis II moving!

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute Sweet Pea! I love/loved you because you make/made no mistakes and have/had no faults! If you are telling me you're not perfect i may have to reconsider.
Love, Dad