Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Power of a Picture

I LOVE this picture-
The way Jaely is standing
The smile on her face that is just a hint of excitement she had on this day
The way we match
The reminder to me of when I used to go into my mom's classroom on Take Your Child to Work Day.  I loved going in with her and seeing how she taught and interacted with her students.  I loved helping out in her classroom, doing her bulletin boards, cleaning, etc. 
Brought back a flood of so many wonderful memories.
I hope to have a picture every year on this day, eventually having Camryn come too.
Our smiles

I HATE this picture-
I knew I have gained a lot of weight, but this picture shoved that reality in my face.
My chubby little arms, round face, multiple chins, pregnant looking belly, thick legs. 
It has inspired me.

Now I have this picture on my refrigerator and on my phone.  Because of this photo, I used some tax return money to join weight watchers.  I can do this.  I will do this.  Now that the boys are older, sleeping through the night, walking, etc, I have no excuses.  I am exhausted, but it isn't like it was.  I must do this for my kids and for me. I will do this.  I will get healthier.

Wish me luck.  Pray for me. Encourage me.
Thanks! (and a special thanks to the person who took this picture, for so many reasons.)

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