Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Inspire- (V) to move someone to act, create, or feel emotions

I have a favorite shirt that I wear when I do a work out.   It is a dull gray with purple and pink letters that spell out "Inspire."  I often chuckle in my head as I grab it to put on.  The word inspire is so close to perspire, which I do a lot of lately.  I never thought much about that shirt, until recently.  Last night when I grabbed it, instead of laughing, a smile spread across my face.

In the last few days, I have had a number of people tell me, message me, write to me on Facebook, and text me that I am inspiring to them.  What? Who, me??  The first person that told me, I just smiled and said thank you and went on with what I was doing.  But as I heard from more and more people (friends, family, Facebook acquaintances, co-workers, former bosses, etc. )all in a short amount of time, I began to listen. . . and think. . . and reflect.

I am being quite verbal about my journey, probably annoyingly so to some, but I am realizing that being vocal about my journey and sharing my successes, my frustrations, and my goals, I am inspiring some to become healthier. . . to become happier.  Wow- what an amazing feeling!  What really made me smile was when people told me specifically how they were inspired by me-  everything from taking a picture of their daily mii character to drinking more water to exercising almost everyday to giving up half of their Coke intake to eating healthier and with smaller portions.  I even got told that I would make a good weight watcher leader some day.

It also made me realize that more people need to tell their stories and their journeys, so that we, too, may be inspired by them.  We all have so much others can learn from and be inspired by.

I have a long way to go on this journey.  It's not a diet, it is my new lifestyle.  It is for life.  I could use a little inspiration too along the way, and I just got a ton by different people telling me that I have inspired them to become healthier.
Thanks to those of you who shared that with me.  I know for some, it was a step out of your comfort zone to let me know.  It is greatly appreciated!


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You've made a proper decision on account of sharing the experience and your activity with us!It is very inspiring and communication always encourages us to reach out for more!))

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