Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lovin' Traverse

The bug and i are having a great time in Traverse City. She is sleeping in the bathroom with her noise maker and actually sleeping real well (except she got up early). Today i realized that getting her to stay on the safe, germ free blanket that i put down on the floor would be nearly impossible. She can only play in her Pack N Play for so long. So we loaded up and went out. The only thing open that early is kohl's. Luckily kohl's had just marked down a bunch of jaely clothes earlier this morning. 70% off! I loaded up for the upcoming sizes. Then we came back and i put her down for nap. It is so nice to be so close to all the shopping because i can bop in and out of the hotel when i need to. She fell right asleep. Then we went back out. She was a little fussy. Came back and Jaely and tj took a nap. Then we all went swimming before heading out to meet some people for dinner.

We ate at Red Ginger. Yum! The best kung pao ever! Jaely is back in the bathroom- i am praying for another good night. Tomorrow- i think more shopping. I have to check out of the hotel before TJ is done with meetings, so it may be a little tricky, but nothing i cannot handle. Life with a baby at a hotel is sure different. . . changing her on the bed or the table, rinsing dishes, feeding her without a high chair. I am so glad we were able to get a handicap room so we can wheel her Pack N Play in and out of the bathroom. When she gets home i am sure she is going to scoot all over the place!

I kind of feel like i am on vacation. Even though i am exhausted from towing around a ten month old all day, when she is napping i CAN'T empty the dishwasher, get dinner ready, clean, or do laundry. My options are to sleep, watch TV or get on my computer. Nice. . . almost carefree!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I couldn't meet you in TC for lunch. 1pm to 2am shifts are killing me. Only 4 weeks to go! Love, Dad