Friday, February 27, 2009


I have many hobbies- some would say too many. I love to read, knit, cross stitch, ribbon embroidery, scrapbook, sew, stamping, card making, and gardening. All of these things take up space, need a lot of supplies and take time.

My newest hobby is cake decorating. I was drawn to it when i started thinking about Jaely's first birthday party. My mom always made our cakes- different shapes and characters. I thought it would be something i would enjoy. Her party is going to be flower theme (since i am anxious for spring to come and the flowers to come up). When i saw a cute flower shaped pan, i thought i would give cake decorating a try. I really enjoyed it. I made a mess in the kitchen, but is was rather relaxing and fun.

Here is the practice cake. I definitely need to put more frosting on the sides, but other than that i am happy with how it looks. I also am going to make the pink brighter. The most time consuming part was making and coloring the frosting.

After tasting the cake, i was rather disappointed. Just kind of tasteless. The frosting was good, but i think the actual cake mix i used was kind of blah. I am trying not to compare it to a texas sheet cake (my favorite). . . maybe i should have just planned to make texas sheet cake. . . but there is no going back now.

Now. . . to clean up the MESS!


gram g said...

It's soooo cute. What cake mix did you use? That cleaning up the mess part--it's an investment. Totally worth it.

Lindsey said...

I used whatever was on sale. . . i think pillsbury. Next time i think i am going to use duncan hines. Any suggestions?

misty diller said...

i love that you made a "practice" cake - too funny! i have to tell you i think it looked amazing - can't wait to see what the real one will look like!

Lindsey said...

I know, Misty. . . i am such an organized planning freak! TJ thinks i should do another "practice" cake. . . not to improve on any techniques, but to just have more cake around to eat.

Kate Rudd said...

Lindsey, I've heard that the best way to make your practice cake is actually in someone else's kitchen..that way, you're a little out of your comfort zone and the heightened alertness helps you identify any trouble spots, which leads to a better final cake.

Maybe a little inconvenient, but when you're talking about Jaely's first birthday, what's a little inconvenience?

Our kitchen is available as often as you need it for this purpose.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great beginning. Appearance is already very good, but slightly darker on the pink might be an improvement. As for the cake itself, you might have to try both Duncan Hines and Betty Crocker to make sure you have the best tasting one. Tell T.J. I'm on his side in recommending another try. The more tasting, the better. Can't wait to see and taste the final product. I loved making and decorating the cakes for my children. Love, GG

Charity said...

looks awesome Lindsey!

One question? What's in the spray bottle?