Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Some Time for Me!

Yesterday, during my planning time, i wrote out sub plans. I had a staff meeting until 5 and then worked in my room for 15 more minutes before heading out the door. I decided to take Tuesday off and i was excited! My original intention was to make a doctor's appointment for a check up and blood work for my thyroid. But, the more i thought about it, the more i just needed a whole day for me. And if we do decide to have child number three, that sick day i took off will become an unpaid leave day. . . and it was SO worth it.

I got up at 6 and got Camryn up. I fed her and got her dressed. When TJ left with the girls at 6:45, i went back to bed! It was fabulous. I rolled over at 8 and smiled. Then thought to myself, "just a little bit longer." Next thing i knew it was 9 and i finally rolled out of bed at 9:10. It was wonderful. And i was so glad that there was not a feeling of guilt or a feeling of time wasted. It was just what i needed. I haven't slept that late, at home, in over a year!

Next, it was off to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I gave myself a time limit, and thank God i did. I was back by noon to eat lunch and then i started setting up my village. I just couldn't picture doing that with a one year old climbing around and a 3 year old wanting to help. I didn't get to set up my village last year, so it was a real treat.

Then, i set up the tree. I ran out of time to do the lights, but as soon as i get those on, Jaely is going to help me put the ornaments on. She is so excited! And we only had to tell Cami "No, miss" about the tree like ten times.

Jaelynne came home from Miss Amber's so excited. She saw the wreath hanging in the window and ran from the car screaming "Christmas! Christmas!" She was overly delighted when she walked back to her bedroom and saw her own little Christmas tree brightly shining in her room. Now, we will see if she is able to sleep with it in there!

It really was a perfect day. There is so much more i wanted to do, but i am really pleased with the amount of sleeping/working i did.

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