Sunday, May 25, 2008

Gorgeous Day

I love this weather. I love sitting on the deck in the sun and watching the leaves flutter in the breeze. I love feeling the sun come out from behind a cloud. And i absolutely love spending time with family and friends, eating grilled food, and holding my daughter while relaxing outside. We went to Noah's birthday party and hung out with friends and watched all the crazy little kids get dirty and have fun. Lori and Trevor came to visit. I am so glad we had visitors over this long weekend. It was wonderful just to hang out and talk and catch up. We looked at their house plan and gave out opinions and asked a ton of questions. I am so excited for them. The plan looks beautiful. They should start a blog and post pictures of the progression of the house being built. . . from the first hole dug to the last piece of furniture being moved in. Jaely's tummy is full, she had a long nap and now she can relax in her Uncle Trevor's lap. . . if it wasn't for that gas. . .Here Jaely is sucking on her aunt lori's arm. Yum! Jaely is saying goodbye to aunt lori before she heads to the birthday party. . . in her party dress!

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