Sunday, January 04, 2009

Complex Querkiness

I know what i am attempting to write won't come out how i want it to, but i am going to try with hope. Today while TJ and i were sitting on the floor playing with and observing Jaely, i was so overcome with the workmanship of God. I have always been impressed with His work when looking at nature and at babies, but when looking at my baby it impacted me more. I knew that all kids are as amazing as jaely, but i didn't really understand it until tonight. All kids have little mannerism and querks that only parents may notice. All babies have tiny observable developments that occur almost daily that are amazing to witness. All of my friends' children are just as amazing and full of the most miraculous mannerisms as Jaely's- i am just not close enough to observe many of them

I love our jaelynne. I love her tiny sighs, her many facial expressions, her wiggly hands, her rotating feet, her ever changing sounds, her thickening hair, her mighty index finger, her thick eye lashes, her curiosity, her shrieks of excitement, her demanding grunts, her rediness to experiment with new food textures. . .

Every child has these tiny things (for lack of a better word) that make them who they are. I hope that i remember these little things about jaely. . . these little tiny things that make her so very special and unique. God made her that way. He not only gave her beautiful brown eyes but also the desire and ability to turn the pages of books as we read them to her. He knitted together her two feet but He also gave her the querkiness of moving them in circles when she gets excited.

* * * * *

When i dated TJ for a while (six years) and during our marriage (7 years) i realized this same thing about people, only i don't think it was as clear. He made me realize that God really does create people so uniquely, whether it is part of their genetic make-up, their enviornment during development, or their own personality. God made them that way by giving them the genes, the environment and their personality. Besides my family (and i don't think it is to the same extent), TJ is the first person that i have had the pleasure of knowing all the tiny mannerisms, the little things that make him him. I love those little things. It is things that only i know. It is the things that make him so special. . . but my point is is that everyone has those little things. I am just so blessed that God chose me to experience TJ and Jaely's eensy-weensy mannerisms and querks that make them who they are.

The workmanship of God is in everyone. . . every single person -in every country- in every city- of every religion- of every socio-economic status- of every sexual orientation -of every ethnicity. . .

When i think of this it changes me. George Bush has these little mannerisms and querks that only a few people in his life know about. . . that God made. That makes him more of a human to me.

I have an actual picture of Saddam Hussien being captured by a soldier. A freind of mine worked at a photo lab at walmart and got it. . . made copies and gave me one. It is an eery picture. It has always bothered me- seeing the look on his face, the dirt and tattered clothes. It made him human. It reminded me that he has little querks and mannerisms that God created in him. The workmanship of God is in him.

The same is true with everyone that doesn't seem human at times- prostitues, addicts, celebrities, ultra conservatives, etc.

Well, like i said this did not come out the way i wanted it to. I am really ,really sleep deprived and should probably go do something about that.
Good night.
I cannot wait to see what jaely querks i discover tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Your authenticity and sense of wonder amaze and bless me--I don't know how else to say it!

I love you,
grandma gail

Kate Rudd said...

This post is beautiful. Your blogs will be a gift in the future as you remember these days with Jaely. :)