Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I cannot believe how parking in the garage makes many things in my life more pleasant- especially grocery shopping. Normally i grocery shop at night, after jaely has gone to bed, but yesterday i wanted to take her with me for a different experience. She was real good, sitting in the cart playing with her toys and smiling at anyone who glanced her way. Before we left i was able to warm up the car, put the diaper bag, our blue reusable meijer bags, and the coupons in the car. I didn't have to clear my car off or take my shoes off once i was back inside because they were not wet. When we got back home, i could do multiple trips without having to wipe my feet dry or track snow through the house. i put jaely down for a nap and then continued to unload groceries from the car. Today after getting back from an outing, i took my shoes off and put jaely down for a nap and then realized i had left something in the car. . . so i went back to get it in my socks. Ahhh, the joy of parking in a garage.

Thanks again TJ. You don't know what it means to me and how much easier it makes life.

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tarapetty said...

Ahhh... the joys of having a garage. This post makes me miss our place in Jenison with a nice attached garage.

I didn't realize how maddening on street parking would be in the winter, add to that the wonderful joy of odd even parking. And the plows don't plow properly, so it is impossible to park near the curb, and you have to climb over mountains of snow to get to the sidewalk. Sometimes you literally have to shovel your car out just so you can move.

Nope. I don't miss having a garage. :)