Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Found My Groove

I finally found my groove. Life has a predictable rhythm once again. It is a fast paced rhythm that leaves little time for errors, extras, and me, but i am just so glad i found it. I wake up in the morning at 5 (sometimes earlier if Cami wakes up earlier) hop in the shower with the monitor sitting on the counter, do my make-up and hair and then pack my lunch, get all the parts to my pump packed, and even measure out the milk and chai mix for my daily chai. I do everything i can to get ready for school, except get dressed. At 6, i wake up my little snuggle bug and feed her. Then i put her back in her crib after a few snuggles and get dressed. Put my chai mixture in the microwave while i start my car and load it and then i am off. I correct papers while i walk around the room watching my kids do their independent practice and activities. I pump at lunch and planning, help kids finish their work during recess or quiz them on their multiplication facts for the taco party they could earn, teach my little heart out the rest of the time and then get the kids on the bus. I then have 15 minutes to clean up my desk and room before heading out the door to see my hubbie and girls. I get home and have to pump and then i cuddle Cami a few moments before she goes to sleep. I play with jaely and then we pick up her toys for dinner. Eat dinner then clean up from dinner, nurse Cami, play with cami and get her jammies on for bed. Then once she is asleep at 9;30 ish, i can either do school work, tidy up or go to bed. Normally. . . i veg on the couch and watch a show or facebook while drifting off to sleep.

I am sure this is a typical schedule of anybody with two kids. It took awhile to figure it out, but i did. And thank goodness for weekends for cleaning, family time, and laundry. . . and most of all, thank goodness for TJ. His day is very similar!

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Anonymous said...

Don't ya just feel like Superwoman when you manage all that stuff with kids?! Groove on!