Sunday, November 02, 2008


It feels good to be home.

This weekend was wonderful. Watching gail carry the jealy monkey to five houses in her neighborhood as we trick and treated was wonderful. She is such a proud grandma. We also got to see matt and Angie a couple of times and spend some time with lori and trevor. Today, we walked through their house that is being built. It is big and beautiful. . . it is neat to think of all the memories that will be made in that house. . . all the events, conversations, and people that will be imprinted upon that house.

Gail, Jaely and i went to Costco. It was nice to be out shopping with the girls and, of course, jaely did so well- even without a nap. Christmas is already in the air.

Lately, when i have been visiting the east side of the state, i deeply miss my mom. I think of how excited she would get knowing we were visiting with her granddaugher. How we too would go shopping together. . . we could have all even gone shopping together- me, Jaely, gail, and mom. She would have been so very excited to have Jaely come to her house.

i know i have said this before, but i am just so thankful for gail- for having a "mom" still in my life. I just got off the phone with her. I was calling to just tell her that TJ and i forgot to take the garbage out of the room that Jaely was sleeping in. That garbage had a couple of poopy, smelly diapers and we didn't want her to smell a funk a little later. Anyway, we talked for a long time about Jaely, and houses, family, and kids. I am so blessed to still have someone that i can be at ease with and talk about anything.

I am glad to be home. The familiearness of it. How perfect it is for us. The memories that we have created here. The warmth. Dreams of the future. Reminders of our blessings. Jaely rolled around on the lving room floor glad to stretch out- glad to be with her papa. He is making so much time for her, putting school to the side and spending time with his family.

Tonight Jaely was sitting for awhile on the floor on her blanket, her tummy so full and round, her smile so big and wet, and her eyes so bright and expressive. TJ and i just teared up. She is ours. She is in our house melting our hearts, making us laugh, wonder, and worry. This little girl changes before our eyes. Her face lights up when she hears my voice or sees her dad enter the room. There really is nothing that feels better. I am glad we got to share her incredibleness with others this weekend. It just isn't right to keep her to ourselves.

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