Monday, November 10, 2008

This weekend was crazy busy, but a lot of fun. I took Jaely out and about all day in Grand Rapids. I kind of just wanted to see if i could handle her all on my own. Just little things like when you order at Panera Bread and you have a little one- do you leave her to go get your tray of food or do you try to juggle everything? Where will i nurse her? (which isn't a huge deal now that she also eats solids.) Will she take a nap eventually or will i have a very grumpy baby on my hands?

As it turned out, TJ got out of class super early. So we were able to hang out as a family. Jaely and i left the house around 10 and we all didn't get home until 7. It was nice to have such a change in the every day routine.

This weekend, we ran into people we know all over the place. I spotted our neighbors sitting across the room from us at church yesterday, so we chatted with them. We saw the Corbins getting out of their car as we were parking to eat at Olive Garden, so we ate with them. . . and their parents. And Ryan's parents paid for our meal. . . that wasn't supposed to happen. Then we ran into Al, Carrie, and four week old baby Cade at the mall and talked to them for awhile while standing in Hallmark about the new parenthood thing.

I went to a wonderful Discovery Toys party- might have one myself. They are great toys and they are guarenteed for life. I got Jaely just a few toys and was able to pay cash because i sold so many loopies on Friday at school.

My dad called and asked if Jaely could come out and play. We are anticipating his visit today. :)

I finally get my hair cut and colored tomorrow.

TJ is done with his grad class. The teacher asked if she could use his research paper (the one he stayed up all night to write) as an example of what a good research paper is.

I lost three pounds this week.

Life is good.

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