Sunday, May 01, 2011

Purple Hyacinths

We worked in the garden today as much as two kids would allow. Actually TJ was the chosen one for getting his hands dirty and doing the labor. I had to keep my hands somewhat clean to swoop in and pick up Cami at an instance of warning. I really can't quite imagine playing outside all day without the play set.

Early this morning, i was inside while Cami was sleeping, so that i could get some laundry done. TJ was out with the bug. All of a sudden as i am folding a pair of jeans, i hear "mama! mama!" and a knock at the door. I opened to find this. . . Jaely holding a bowl full of hyacinths. It made me so incredibly happy. I said yesterday that i should cut some so i could enjoy them inside because i don't make it to the back very often during the week. I loved that she gave them to me with a big smile on her face. They are making our room smell unbelievable!
We are spreading mulch this year on the back gardens to help me with the weeds. I just couldn't keep up last year. It is the perfect time to do it because we got paid three times in the month of April. Hooray! I still have a gift card to Weesies that i am itching to spend. I am going to buy some flowers to replace the ones that got wrecked from the flood. I am so excited!!! The lower garden will have flowers once again!

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