Monday, October 02, 2006

Back to my old self

This weekend, my old eating habits showed their ugly face again. For awhile, food lost its power and hold on me. I no longer turned to it for comfort or for celebration, but this weekend i so easily slipped back into giving it that hold on me. I ate. Friends, at times, encouraged me to eat because of my crappy wekend. I promised myself that i was going to do better today. I broke that promise. As i slipped on my new skinny pants this morning, i knew that i was going to stick to my promise, but after work as i took them off, i ate. And ate. And ate and then went out to eat at a buffet of all places. Tomorrow is a new day. I believe that (as long as i don't say that every day for a month.) I might gain a few when i weigh in this week, but i need to get back on and stop looking at the past and focus on the future. Never give up, especially when i have come so far. Tomorrow is going to be a constant prayer for strength, so i can get back to my new eating habits. . . when i turned to healthy things for comfort and celebration.


Ang said...

hope today was better...and tomorrow will be even more so :)

how was the observation?

Anonymous said...

Just enjoying the simple pleasures of food is just as important as moderation. Spiritual and mental health are just as important. So somedays you kick back with a buffet- in the long run it's good for you as long as it isn't all the time. I remember reading that calorically speaking, your body operates on a 2 week cycle so that if you balance it out over 2 weeks, one day really means little.
love, jered