Monday, January 15, 2007

Guess Where i am. . .

Right now, i typically am teaching reading to squirrelly kids, but instead i am home, still in my pajamas wrapped up in a blanket blogging. Yes, another snow day to make a weekend longer. I am so blessed! I was even supposed to get observed today. Of course, as i am trying to fall back asleep after my phone call and after i have makeup on and and have been up for quite some time, i worry about stupid stuff. We have a field trip to the Muskegon County museum. . . i am not ready for it and my students were not reminded about it today because i am not seeing them. So that means i will have a ton of students who do not bring a lunch, and since we are leaving 15 minutes after they arrive, there is not much time to do anything about it. Also, i did not run off their museum scavenger hunt, yet. So, should i go into school anyway and use this as a catch up day? Nah, i think i will paint my toenails, eat at olive garden, and scrapbook. Life is good. Thank you God.

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