Monday, January 08, 2007

Is it January Already?!

Well, this is the first blog of the year. That is unlike me. Right now i am so exhausted that i can hardly move my fingers. I gave what energy i had to 24 little kids today. I didn't get much sleep last night. I rarely do on Sunday nights. I went to church last night (which is a new thing since i stopped going to OVCC). It was refreshing to go, i guess. After church we got together, like we often do and chatted, joked, ran after kids, held babies, discussed issues, etc. I don't get enough sleep because of it. I think i got home close to 11, and then i need my wind down time and then it is up at 5:15, bright and early. I wouldn't give it up though. It is such a small sacrifice for something i want. . . i need, and something that i can give. It may decrease the amount of sleep i get, but that is nothing compared to messed up feeding schedules, bed times, potty training, diet vanilla cherry dr. pepper, ice cream, pizzas, and stolen quietness that the others are giving up. It is so nice to hang out. . . to hear about life from a different perspective other than mine. And, i just love the great mix of personalities that are smooshed together. It is real entertaining, fulfilling, and refreshing. Well, i am going to bed early tonight. Pool School awaits me tomorrow.

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