Monday, July 14, 2008


Today my brother and dad came over. I love that we are at least on the same side of the state and close enough to visit each other. Jered has about a 45 minute drive and dad has a 2 hour drive. TJ was at a conference, and i don't really know how to cook much, so Jered stopped at meijer on his way in and bought ribs, chicken, and black bean bread. He did all the cooking- i just made a mozzarella, basil, tomato salad thing. Dad made an awesome strawberry pie. The meal was delicious. TJ actually got to come home to a delicious cooked meal.

I love to watch my brother and dad with their niece and granddaughter. I was kind of tired. Last night, Jaely woke up almost every half hour after 2:30 and then woke up for good 45 minutes early. It was a good day for them to come and visit- it helped me get through the day and make it not so monotonous.

Dad and Jered talked politics. Jaely blew bubbles with her spit. Dad and i talked about being hermits, my mom, marriage, and divorce. We all talked about the good food.

My dad held Jaely
Jered held his MacBook. . . and slept.
And my dad slept.

Now i am going to sleep. . .

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