Friday, July 18, 2008


I weighed in this week at weight watchers before heading to Grand Haven today. Weight watchers has always worked for me and i was getting frustrated because for the first time, it wasn't. I don't know if it is because i am nursing or what, but it is crazy. I do get 12 extra points for nursing (i finally get more points than TJ. He normally gets more just for being a guy.) Anyway, the first week i lost 7 pounds, second week lost .8 of a pound, third- gained .8 then last week i gained 2. I was annoyed because i was eating the same week to week. Then, i weighed today and lost 4 pounds. Hooray! Finally all that work paid off. If TJ and i lose 25 pounds each, we are getting healthier and a new tv for the bedroom. We can do it! I spent this week's 35 bonus points all in one long sitting by eating Ben and Jerry's ice cream- mint cookie. It was so worth it. I never feel like i am deprived because i can still eat stuff like that, just not everyday for every meal!

TJ is currently talking to the pentaminos in our new game Katamino (see baby ellis blog). He is so addicted. His neck hurts from being so stiff, yet he continues to play!!!! I am winding down. Heading to bed (9.2 pounds lighter, i might add) Good Night.

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Ang said...

wow, lindz.
That is amazing!

I like your T.V. idea :)

It was really good (I wish I had a better word...wonderful, happy, comforting, fun, rewarding...) to see you tonight.

Sophie hasn't stopped talking about her friend Jaely. :)