Wednesday, December 10, 2008


We are going on the second winter now where i have not been able to park in the garage. It is strange because from age 15 (when i started to drive) to 25 i never had a garage. I didn't know what i was missing, but now that i do, i am spoiled by one. In spite of what some of the men in my family believe, a garage is for parking cars.

I didn't venture out yesterday because of the heavy snow that was falling from the sky, but i just had to get out today. I put jaely in her exesaucer and attempted to clear my car off. We have about 20 inches of snow. I did decide to wear my big boots out there, but it didn't matter. My jeans were soaked. The arms of my white sweatshirt were wet and blackened by the dirt on my car. As i leaned over my hood to get to the middle of my windshield, by stomach and chest also became covered in snow and dirt. I was out there for a good 10 minutes. There was ice under the snow. I bundled jaely up, put on normal shoes (i can't shop in heavy snow boots) and went out to the car. I try to follow my same footprints, but you know that doesn't really work. I am in snow almost up to my knee. My whole shopping experience was cold, due to wet, cold feet.

On my way home, jaely is crying because she didn't (couldn't) nap. I am on M120 where it is five lanes wide and i step on the brakes to slow down for an upcoming red light. All of a sudden the whole layer of ice and snow that was on my roof slides down and lands on my windshield. It is too heavy for my wipers. I cannot see a thing. People are hoking, Jaely is crying, and i am panicking. it takes me a few seconds to figure out where my window switch is (it is in the middle of the counsel). I roll it down, take my arm and try to remove some of the snow so that my wipers can work. The snow lands in my car, on my lap, all over my dashboard, hand and arm. Now both jaely and i are crying. Huge clumps of snow are literally sitting on my lap. At least i didn't get in an accident.

When we get home, i take her inside. I take my shoes off so i don't track wet snow all through the house. I get my wet jeans off and put Jaely down for a nap. I don't dare go back out to my car to get my things. I am not in the mood to get wet feet and legs all over again.

I want the garage back.

I know TJ is very busy. . . I am not blaming him. I just want the garage back.


Anonymous said...

Awww Linds!

Anonymous said...

But garages should just be renamed 'workshops' that happen to have a 'garage' door. I thought I taught you that. Dad