Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I hope we have a white christmas!!

TJ is making Mahogany Beef Stew in a red wine and hoisin sauce and mashed potatoes with horseradish . . . one of my favorites. We are enjoying our family's Christmas today. . . the three of us this year. We will open stockings and rip open our presents for each other. Jaely will then go to bed and TJ and i will enjoy our delicious dinner together as the snow continues to fall. I wish i could say that we would then snuggle up and relax to a good movie, but that is not the case. TJ needs to shovel the driveway so we can leave in the morning and i need to pack for myslef and a baby for a five day adventure. We both have a ton to do before we can leave here in the morning. It will all get done, but there isn't really anything relaxing about it. I will relax during dinner, though, that is for sure.

This is our back deck. . . this is not a drift, it is the actual amount of snow we have. . . good ol' lake effect. Almost reaches the top of the railing!

Last year at this time i was pregnant and we had a tree sitting on both of our cars. This year sure is different!

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leigh said...

The snow is beautiful! I can say that because I'm in the south and it's a novelty! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.