Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It just keeps falling

The snow won't stop and although it is absolutely beautiful to watch, i know it means a lot of work for TJ. He has already spent a morning shoveling and i am afraid there is much more to shovel. It has also kept me inside all day. I had plans of going out today, but thinking of bundling jaely up, pushing the stroller through slush, and clearing off my car has changed my plans. Instead, i made jaely some more food (peaches and mango), made chili for dinner tonight, and finished up laundry. Perfect things to do on a chilly day.

Jaely was so much fun today. She finally got enough sleep, so she wasn't whiny. She was giggly and curiously exploring the living room. She is scooting around pretty well now. . . almost an army crawl, but not quite.

Christmas shopping is almost finished. I have one more gift to buy and then stuff for TJ's stocking. The tree is up. I do need to get the outdoor lights hung and the reindeer put up, but other than that we are set. I love having the Christmastree lit up in the evening. I catch myself just staring at it.

I need to make more loopies, so i better get going before jaely's nap is over.

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Ang said...

I thought about going out today too with with girls, but the slippery roads and all that bundling...just not worth it :)

I'm not being quite as productive as you are though. I seem to be just making it :) You know staring at messes, bathing and playing with kids, hoping the kitchen cleans itself.. :)

My feelings about facebook are similar (though I have become a bit of an addict)...my loyalty will remain with blogger. I like actually writing too. Did you know you can link them? So facebook posts your blogs?