Monday, December 11, 2006


Today is my oldest brother's birthday. I was driving home from work remembering good memories. . .
I remember when:
  • I was little and throwing up and he held my hair back.
  • I fell and hit my head on the corner of the coffee table that was brown, had spindles and orange velvet and jered hugged and rocked me while i cried.
  • he was an "ass" in Midsummers Nights Dream. . . played the part very well, too!
  • he would set up his lego creations on the entertainment center. I can still hear the constant digging sound of legos
  • I would go to his cross country meets and watch him run.
  • he brought me my first Chai Latte.
  • my mom and i went to The Brandywine right after he got the job and he was our waiter.
  • he had braces, glasses, and pegged pants. Dork!
  • he lost his contacts in the snow.
  • he promised not to tell that i was having a skating party downstairs if i gave him a two liter of pop.
  • he skipped school and forged dad's name.
  • he came and rescued me by replacing my blown out tire with my spare.
  • he was cooking tomato sauce and smeared it all over his face.
  • he and jason beat me in monopoly every time we played it.
  • he let his friends park on the lawn and i got so upset.
  • his Audi rolled back, went across the street and came to a stop in the bushes.
  • he put my Barbies in the microwave, after he made them look like prostitutes. (i was getting rid of them)
  • he cut my long, long pigtail off at the hair holder because he was playing barber.
  • he gave me a Precious Moments figurine.
  • i got to watch him at perform at improve.
  • he would cook yummy mashed potatoes and other things in the kitchen with mom.
  • he and jason would be giggling late at night as they talked from their bunk beds.
  • he told me he got hit on his bike by a car. . . and i laughed.
  • he would sing/hum jazz during his showers loud enough so you could hear him in the living room
  • he wrote a persuasive letter to mom convincing her to give him his car back. it worked.
  • listening to him play the trombone.
  • he still sticks his tongue in his cheek when he is concentrating.
  • he had and afro.
  • dad asked him where the bathrooms were in a restaurant and jered gave him directions into the kitchen!

Jered certainly knows how to push my buttons. I used to yell at him to shut up and he would calmly say, "But Lindsey, i am not the one yelling." It used to drive me crazy. Jered is a sensitive, intelligent, hilarious brother who is laid back and has common sense (both of which i had more of). I am so lucky to have him for a brother. Happy Birthday, Jered. I love you!

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gail said...

Reading your "Jered Highlights" was almost like looking through a scrapbook--you traced awesome snapshots of him. Some of those "pictures" were ones you'd shared with me before, but many were brand new. I love the way you spin memories into pictures.
I should have sent him deviled eggs for his birthday!!