Sunday, December 24, 2006

A post from Gail's

Friday was a crazy, exciting day. TJ and i worked till the wee hours of the morning. For like six hours more i worked on a christmas gift, while TJ made cookies. I would take a break, unfold my legs and wash dishes or drop cookies onto a cookie sheet. At night, we both took a break to eat a nice Christmas dinner (steak, rice and peas), eat some cookies and open presents! TJ got me a wonderfully warm, beautiful North Face jacket, a red fleece jacket, a fleece pull over, Life is Good pjs, Life is good t-shirt and sweatshirt, a skirt that i had been eyeing and two long sleeve v-ncek t-shirts. I also got my matching vera wallet. It was so much fun to open everything.

I hid most of TJ's gift in my closet. He opened the little box that had all the parts and a DVD explaining his new Leigh dovetail jig. He was speechless when he opened it. In his overflowing stocking i got him season one of the Office, a car talk calendar, i-tunes gift card, and candy.

We played with our new stuff for a few minutes, then it was back to work on the homemade chex mix and packing up the various tins for family and friends. Then TJ cleaned the kitchen.

We arrived at Gail's yesterday after making some stops in Grand Rapids. I am looking forward to Christmas, although it doesn't feel like Christmas yet. Everyone is sleeping here, so i thought i would blog and wish everyone a very merry Christmas!

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