Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Day with Jaely

i know every day is a day with Jaely, but this one was different. I knew we weren't going anywhere, so i was in comfy clothes all day. I made the beds in the guest bedroom and brough jaelynne with me. I put her on a blanket on the bed i wasn't making and ran the pillow cases over her face, sang her silly songs, and played peek-a-boo. She smiled a lot and made a ton of little sounds. I was determined not to be negative just because i am the only one taking care of her all day today, yesterday, and tomorrow. I decided to make the best of it. I spent time holding her a lot today and we looked in the mirror at ourselves a lot today too. During tummy time, she had her head, shoulders, and legs up. She was pretty stiff, so i was able to rock her back and forth- kind of like a rocking horse, only it was a rocking jaely. Right now she is in her swing looking at herself in the mirror making all kinds of noises. . . sometimes sounding upset, sometimes sounding brilliant. She should be sleeping, but she has hiccups and is working on farting. I guess i wouldn't be able to sleep either.

Today i got birthday card from TJ in the mail. He was hoping it would come tomorrow on my birthday, but i was so happy to get it. It made my day. He'll get home late tomorrow. I cannot wait!

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gail said...

Sounds like a good day--it's the kind of rhythm and cadence you get into when you're home with kids. It makes most of those things you're doing a bit more fun, know what I mean?
I'm proud of you for seeing your glass half-full today.