Saturday, June 21, 2008

Random goings on

  • i lost 7 pounds in ten days when i weighed in at weight watchers on Thursday. I started back on it. Need to get healthy again.
  • We went to the farmers market this morning for some strawberries and came back with giant pea pods, lettuce, and asparagus.
  • Whenever uncle Jered holds jaely, she loudly fills her diaper. Jered- we need you . . . Jaely hasn't pooped since monday!
  • Jaely's gas smells like cheerios.
  • I got flowers delivered to me from Jered for my birthday. They make me smile.
  • We ate at Pekadills thinking that because it is Saturday they would have their bbq ribs. They do, but not until 5. We had delicious sandwiches instead. I love the garden there.
  • We went to weesies greenhouse. I bought a clematis with my birthday money from grandma howell. Thanks grandma! We are going to plant it in the back garden and let it climb up a trellis along the garage wall.

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