Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Locking the Door

I went into school yesterday to clean out my room of my things. I left mostly furniture behind. . . with my name on it with hopes of getting it when i return in a year. As i was locking my door, mine and tj's arms full of odds and ends of things to take to the car for the last time, i cried. I am going to miss the people next year, my friends. I am going to miss the smiling anxious students on the first day of school. Leaving reminds my of just how much i truly love what i do. When i was packing things up, i thought of the students. . . not the ridiculously intense curriculum, or the pressure from the top, or the incompetent "boss". I thought of the kids and of teaching. I packed away so many silly and fun things that helped me teach somewhat boring content. I packed up countless organizers, caddies, and tubs. . . a true reflection of how i run my classroom- ORGANIZED. The things that i often dreaded i will probably miss in a weird sort of way. I always complained of library day because i didn't get planning, but i will greatly miss hanging out with the Grini the librarian and eating chocolate that she always had in her bottom drawer. I always dreaded our third grade meetings on Monday, but i will miss goofing around with the other third grade teachers. I won't miss staff meetings- no good ever comes from them. I will in a weird sort of way miss recess. I dreaded having recess duty, but it allowed me to see my students in a different environment- unstructured and free.

Don't get me wrong. I am looking forward to next year and i am so grateful for the opportunity to stay home with the cutest baby ever.

I couldn't have packed up my room without TJ and definitely not without gail, who stayed home with jaely so we could actually get things done. Thank you gail. Thank you TJ.


tarapetty said...

What an amazing opportunity you have; to have a year to stay home with your beautiful daughter while knowing you have a job that you love to return to. That is great.

And I think it is normal to be feeling what you are feeling. You are taking a break from one major part of your life that you love to nurture, love, spoil, and truly enjoy the amazing blessing in your life.

I think the next year of your life will be beautiful and I am very happy for you.

gail said...

the pleasure was all mine!!!