Monday, June 02, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

This morning our day started with visiting with Jason and Whitney before they headed out to dad's place. We took them to our favorite sandwich place. . . pekadils. TJ and i went there this weekend when they had ribs. We could smell and see the ribs on the grill as we approached the place. The ribs were unbelievable. . . they fell right off the bone and the sauce was delicious. They came with cheesy potatoes too and a big salad.

Today i got a salad and a milkshake. Jason got a wonderful looking sundae with Mackinaw island fudge ice cream. After we said our goodbyes TJ and i headed to the library that over looks the wooded bike trail so that i could feed Jaely. It was a great setting for a feeding. Tj got to hang out in the library and we got to listen to the birds. Then we went to Weesies for some Jacob's ladder, a fern (can you believe it dad?) and more phlox. TJ picked up some mulch the other day and he got that spread today (oh yeah, he didn't go to school today). It looks great. . . finished and it will keep the weeds down.

I dressed jaely in her pink and brown tye dyed onsie that i bought when i was out with lori and gail before jaely was even born. TJ tried dressing her in it when she first came home and she was swimming in it, now it fits perfectly. My how she has grown!

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Kim said...

Do you have any leftover ribs?