Thursday, June 05, 2008

Out for a Drink

I have an outing today that i am pretty excited about. A few of us are meeting at hobos for some end of the year drinks. I am hoping to get the scoop on what is going on at school, relax with some friends, and be out of my house. TJ is so understanding and knows how important it is for me to get out. I am hoping to feed Jaely and then leave right away to get the most of my time, but if i go long, TJ can feed her a bottle. I hope to be back in time to feed her though and have TJ use that bottle late tonight. It is crazy how timed everything has to be.

Tomorrow i am going to the staff breakfast with Jaely, then coming home and packing for Grandma gail's. I am amazed at how much more we need to bring now that we have jaely.

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Ang said...

yes...we're getting ready to leave for a weekend trip Ohio. And I'm remembering all the things that are needed when we travel now...and they're multiplied when there are 2-year-old needs AND newborn needs.
I think we're bringing a booster-seat for eating, TWO pac-n-plays, a bouncy seat, a stroller, plus all those diapers and extra clothes in case of accidents and spit-ups....and some things for Ryan and I too... I'm not really sure how we are going to fit with 2 car seats in the back also.

Have a fun adventure!

Maybe sometime after we're both back, we can get together for dinner.

We'll call you.