Sunday, August 24, 2008


While looking through today's paper, i glanced through the coupons and stumbled upon one of the most hideous things i have ever seen. This picture doesn't do it justice, for it is difficult to see the fake fur that covers the monkey's arm and legs and its disgusting little toes. The ad claims it is "a delightful achievement in miniature art!" Here is the description:
A Tiny "baby" who Will Win your Heart!
What do we have here? A sweet little blue-eyed baby in a tiny diaper looking for some tender loving care. But this little one has a curly tail and nibbles a banana! Introducing "monkey Cuddles," a winsome little baby monkey figure so lovable, you'll smile every time you see her.

Amazing Sculpting and Charming Details
This miniature simian sweetheart is cast in resin, hand-painted and wonderfully detailed, right down to the look of contentment on her adorable baby face. Her little topknot is geniune mohair, and she wears a diaper of real fabric. This baby's special treat is a tiney sculpted banana. She is too cute for words!

This figure is not a toy. It is a fine collectible to be enjoyed by adult collectors.

That is disturbing on so many levels.I also discovered in one of my parenting magazines that Cabbage Patch Kids are re-releasing the original dolls from the 80s as a 25 year anniversary thing. In the ad of the magazine was my braided red haired, freckled Geniveve. Such memories came flooding in as i saw the ad. Geniveve was actually my second cabbage patch doll. My first one was Candy Cornilious, but she was thrown on top of the roof at my elementary school. I went to the play ground after school hours with Candy, and accidentally left her there. I am sure some boys threw her in the roof. I got her back, but she was all dirty. Most of the time she wore a whit shirt with hearts and a matching red skirt. I also had matching pajamas with my mom and my cabbage patch dolls. I know that is kind of creepy, but when i was little i thought that was the coolest thing. My brothers didn't have matching pajamas with their always-smiling lego people or star wars figurines. Ha!Candy Cornilious- my first Cabbage Patch Doll (except mine had brown eyes)

Geniveve- my second doll that stayed much cleaner- identical to the one pictured here


Anonymous said...

You left your 'baby' at the playground? And you called yourself a mother? Dad

"The King" Nate Starr said...

That monkey is crazy, and not like you would say, "That Martin Lawrence, he's so crazy." But more like, "He made rugs out of human hair, that is crazy!"

Lindsey said...

So, i actually dug up my cabbage Patch kid's birth certificate and adoption papers. Apparently Geniveve Lavern Michael was born on November 1st 1985. I don't have Candy's. My mom was a signed witness of the adoption. I am glad i still have it. Maybe Jaely needs a CPK.

sarah said...

That monkey is freaking me out. Especially the one that is "coming soon" where it's standing up and dragging the banana. Creepy.
Jaely totally needs a CPK. I can't believe you still have your paperwork!