Friday, August 29, 2008

The Return of the Loopie

Earlier this week, i made jaely her own loopie. Instead of the purple and green one, which we will still use, she got a bigger pink and green chenille one. I made it with ribbon that Lori used during the game of "how big is lindsey's belly" during my baby shower. Instead of a 16 x 18, i made it 20 x 20. I actually like to keep them smaller. She, of course, loves it!

I forgot how much i like to sew, to pin, to cut through fabric and to create something. I am making a loopie now for Beckett Hoppa, who was just born. As i am making it, i thought. . . i want to make these again and i can find the time during Jaely's naps and after she goes to bed. I think i have to up the price, however. They stopped making the flat, plain microfleece that i used on one side. So, now both sides are going to be texured, either bumps or chenile. That is more expensive. Also, before when i made them and sold the for $12, i was making them out of pure enjoyment, having no idea that i would sell close to 80 of them. Now, it would be nice to make a little bit of a profit. I about broke even, when i consider the time & materials.

I am excited to bring in some income for the year- just kidding- i am excited to sew again. There have been quite a few requests for loopies, so i am sure i can sell them again. I don't know if i will sell them at work, when i am not there or if i will stock pile them for next year or if i will sell them at a arts and craft booth. Who knows, i just need to start cranking them out again.

So tonight i cut a bunch of ribbon. Pinned some to Beckett's. And i scrapbooked afew more pages in Jaely's book. TJ is finishing up the drawers for her dresser. We are tired, but we just keep going!

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Anonymous said...

Just remember if you ever need to warehouse your loopies that Dad and I have been looking to reunite TMR, Inc.!