Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not Impressed

Size doesn't matter. We went to the Muskegon Farmers market today. It was my first time there- we normally go to the Montague one. I can say that i wasn't that impressed. I mean, ya it was much larger than the montague one, but much crazier and crowded too. And, we purchased the same exact things that we do at the smaller montague one. Plus, i know people at the Montague one and i always run into someone else that i know. Anyway, i am glad that i experienced the Muskegon one, but i think i will stick to montague. I cannot wait for grinny's apples!

Tonight we are celebrating (?) the end of summer by going to pekadils and having their rib dinner. We went to get some school supplies earlier today, but TJ doesn't know if he will be a teacher or a principal this year. We tried not to make major purchases for teaching supplies that could also not be used as a principl. Interviews got moved to the end of next week, so he has to go to all the meetings next week not knowing. We rushed to wait, basically. Well, time to wake up Jaely and get ready to go eat some tasty ribs, cheesy potatoes, and a salad.

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