Saturday, August 09, 2008

Guitar Hero

After celebrating Matt and Steve's birthday, matt broke out Guitar hero. It is quite and interesting game. I got booed off stage, even though i think i had the most style while playing.

A sideways view of Guitar Hero

Oh well. Tonight TJ and i had a date night. We went out to eat and then shopped at Twelve Oaks Mall. I remember shopping with my mom there 15 years ago. It has changed so very much. We loved it and we found a Mauviel roasting pan that was $169.00 for $34.00 at William Sonoma. A long time ago Jered, Jason, and i all chipped in to get this pan for mom. I wonder where it is now? Probably hasn't been used since the last thanksgiving my mom was alive. Jered should have it. . . he might use to cook at least ribs. We also got an Emile Henry dish that is beautiful for 75% off. What a deal! It was wonderful to hold TJ's hand and eat without having to worry about Jaelynne.

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