Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Alone, but not really

Tomorrow TJ goes out of town. I invited five friends over Friday night to have a girls' night out. . . for them, at least. Actually Jaely will be sleeping (fingers crossed) for most of the get together. The white noise in her room will have to be turned up. I am excited about it and glad that i thought of it. I am going to desperately need some adult conversation by then (and a male escort is way too expensive).

I made an appointment for Jaely's six month pictures. For some reason i am super excited about them. I just think she is at the perfect age. . . she smiles all the time, giggles a lot, and can almost sit up (maybe by the appointment she can). TJ is taking a day off of work to get our pictures taken and to work on his grad class stuff. The built-in, to his disappointment, sits untouched. He has class everyother Saturday and plans with people the Saturdays in between. The grass is long. The snowblower is still broken for yet another season. Soon our yard will be covered in colorful leaves. If i could, i would wrap up time in a beautifully wrapped box and give it to him as a total surprise. He is frustrated.

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