Saturday, September 20, 2008


Today was a beautiful day. Gail and steve came over and we visited TJ's grandma in Grand Haven. His aunt, cousin and their kids also came. I am glad they all got to meet Jaely. Steve and gail came over to our place after and hung out. It was perfect. I forget how much i like having people over, especially family. I like for other people to notice jaely's little mannerisms, tricks, giggles, and smiles. They are too awesome to keep to ourselves. I also don't want family to be strangers to her. I show her pictures of her family all the time in her "who loves baby book." I say all their names and titles and point to each face as i say them. Hopefully some of it will stick.

The four generations- Tj's grandma, his dad, himself, and jaelynne

We decided that we are not going to go to TJ's cousin's wedding on New Year's Eve- just too much to do with a little one. Wedding isn't until 8, reception goes until 12, it is in another state, and i think we would rather spend Christmas at gail's than travel to the wedding (we can't do both). So that means that we will go to gail's probably on Christmas eve and then stay long enough until my brother and his wife come into town (sorry dad, that means we won't be at our house for Christmas for you to visit, but we can be at aunt carol's). Anyway, it is funny to talk about all this now, but it is crazy how far in advance one needs to make plans.
Speaking of plans- for our anniversary weekend, gail offered to watch jaely for as short or as long as we wanted. I am so excited. TJ has class in GR that weekend, but i can drive and meet him on Saturday evening. We are going to go out to a nice restaurant and then stay at the J.W. Marriot again. I am so looking forward to it. I am sure i will miss jaely, but it is nice to not have any worries leaving her with gail. Gail is totally excited about having a sleep over with her granddaughter. I hope Jaely is a good sleeper for her.

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*sarah* said...

It sounds like you are feeling better, thank goodness!
I wanted to bring you over some dinner, but I didn't want to infect you all. Cause now we all have this illness and I'm still contagious. I didn't think you wanted that on top of everything. ;)
I love the shot of Jaely's shoes... so freaking cute!