Monday, September 08, 2008


Jaelynne is asleep in her swing, clutching a loopie, head tilted to the side and back. TJ is lightly snoring on the couch, glasses folded on the coffee table and cats curled up next to him. The only light is the glow of the fish tank and the little light from this gloomy day that tries to make its way through our windows. Friends plays softly in the background with the hum of the swing going back and forth.

We are all at peace right now. Things just feel right. I just finished cleaning up after dinner. My dad came to visit his granddaughter today and with him brought our dinner, dessert, a change from the monotany, and Jaely's first Christmas present, wrapped in christmas paper and tagged with her name on it - a U of M cheerleading outfit. He left so Jaely and i could get a little nap. Dinner was awesome. I made the linguini and warmed up the deliciouse spaghetti sauce, stuck a bread loaf in the oven, poured two glasses of milk and away we went. Thanks dad! And for dessert homemade blueberry peach pie with a beautiful lattice crust -worthy of a picture really.

I am becomming more comfortable in the kitchen. I cooked the pasta tonight perfectly, and timed everything just right so it was all done at the same time. Yesterday i made ravioli. TJ is so appreciative of it and he makes sure to show me and let me know. He is able to spend more time with Jaely, even if that means changing a poopy diaper, and he can take a little nap.

I better wake up the Jaebug. We want her to beable to sleep tonight and she needs to eat soon. Dad got to watch her eat her cereal and what a show she put on for him. Smiles, a little giggling, and such sounds. The last time her saw her was just in August, and he said she has changed so much. i am glad it is not passing to quickly before my eyes, that i am able to enjoy it.

It is hard to wake a peaceful baby.

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