Saturday, September 13, 2008

Great Plans

I had great plans for today. TJ took yesterday off and hibernated in the basement all day and mostly all night with a box of kleenex to work on stuff for his grad class today. He is sick. He wrote a really great paper and had a lot of reading to do. He left early this morning for GR and won't be back until 7ish. Just me and Jaely hanging out- like every other day.

So, to make the day a little different, i had plans of going to the farmers market and picking up some tomatoes (to make my mom's pasta a la caprese) and apples (the first of the season). Then we were going to go for a walk on the bike trail. When i awoke to rain slapping at our windows, i had a feeling my plans were going to change. An outdoor market and a walk just didn't sound like it would work for a 5 1/2 month old. Not like she could jump in the puddles or hold an umbrella.

I decided we are going to hang out in our jammies and read lots of books and take naps. She has a date with the exersaucer, stacking cups, and with the baby in the mirror. We might venture out to meijers. I am sure she will practice her new growling sound and spit sound and also her rocking back and forth while sitting assisted or while being carried. We'll work on her sitting up, too. She can do it with her arms on the floor in front of her for awhile and then tips sideways. She has no interest in trying it without her arms in the front of her. When i try having her sit up straight she leans back as hard as she can. We tried putting her to bed earlier last night and it worked to some extent. She still played with her toes and feet forever and then cried a lot, but she wound up getting more sleep and she was able to sleep past 6:30. When we woke her up last night at 10 to feed her, she was so hard to wake up. We hate it- disturbing her from a sound sleep. Tonight we are going to try to skip that feeding altogether. Yikes! We will see. Things change so quickly, right when you think you figured something out.

This made me laugh on a gloomy day. . .

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