Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Band Saws and Pooh

It is about 10:30 and TJ and i are still working away. We spent the day in Grand Rapids and upon returning went to work on the things we love to do. In the amount of time it took TJ to put together his new band saw. . .

. . . I sewed a flannel Pooh blanket with satin binding. I still have to hand sew the mitered corners. I have learned the hard way. . . after sewing my last hideous blanket which was too awful for pictures. I am very pleased with this one, and that is not a common thing for me to say.

We can get so much more done when we don't have to go to work! We are both going into school tomorrow. I hope i can get into my room and that it is done being cleaned, but i doubt it.


gail said...

The blanket is beautiful--both sides! And what a handsome bandsaw! I can tell it was a good day.

EastMI-WoodChips said...

Bandsaw looks great, I have some work for it already :-)!