Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Realxing with Chai

I had a lot of points left over today, so i sipped chai, browsed through a catalog and relaxed. Tomorrow at this time i will still be doing parent/teacher conferences. 8:00 am to 9:00 pm. It is going to be one loooong day, but i will survive. I am glad i took time to relax tonight. TJ is sick. He might be taking tomorrow off. I hope he does, or he will never get better.

My hopes are really getting high for the next try at ovulation. They weren't before when i found out the next step 20 days ago, but now i feel pretty confident. If it doesn't work this first time, i am not giving up on it. I will try it for a few months before moving on to the next step. I am not even sure what the next step is. . . i just know it is scarey. I haven't been so hopeful in a long time. That is a frightening place to be. . . you can be let down so easily. Today, TJ asked me if i was almost done taking my hormones. . .i think i am hard to deal with when i am pumped full of all these hormones. If you are the prayerful type, please pray for my ovaries (if that seems awkward, you can just pray for us!) I have been so honest with God during this. I have begged and pleaded and asked for patience and found patience and asked for patience and found it and begged and asked and praised Him and even sank so low as to bargain with him (which i am sure He found somewhat amusing) Thanks for your prayers. I know there are a lot of people thinking of us, and that makes it so much easier. We are loved.

I am selling blankets. I can't keep up with them again. I have no boy ones at school and i got an order for a normal sized, pink blanket with only satin ribbon. I haven't figured out how much to charge yet, but it is going to be quite a bit. She said to charge her whatever, but it will be hard to figure out a fair amount.

I got observed today. I am such an idiot. . . i told the art teacher a couple of weeks ago that i could change my art time on Wednesday, November 8th. She asked and i never have anything going on at noon. Well, of course, i did have something going on. My principal was coming to watch me teach, not to watch me take my kids to art. So, because i wasn't at school yesterday, i did not get her reminder. To make a long story short, i am an idiot. My flexible principal came at 1:00 instead. Great start to an observation, huh?

Well, now that i rambled i feel very relaxed and ready to lay down on the couch to watch TV as i fall asleep. I hope i survive tomorrow. I have some tricky conferences with some crazy parents. Good night.


Kelly said...

Hi Lindsay!

You don't have a clue who I am. I went to high school and graduated with Angela. You know how things go in the blog world... you stumble on someone you know...and then you start "getting to know" all the other people on their fellow blogger list.

So, I've checked in on your blog from time to time. I just wanted you to know that I actually DO pray for you. I can't imagine what this trial has been like for you. I find myself often asking God to bless you and your hubby with a precious little one!

I can't wait to see when and how He answers...and I REALLY can't wait for you to post an exciting announcement!

God bless!

cheesy-spoosh said...

Thanks Kelly! That is so encouraging to know that people are praying for us that don't even "know" us. I am glad you just visit "from time to time" and that you aren't stalking me! Although, it would be cool to say that i have a stalker.

I can't wait to post an exciting announcement either. Thanks again for your prayers and thanks for sharing. It was nice "meeting" you

Ang said...

I just woke up...and reaized that you were in my dream....

you had a little party at your house...a sortof good-bye/housewarming were moving to a cute aparment in coopersville?? we were pretty sure everything was fine, but you never mentioned TJ.

and my first college roommate was there...from Colorado...and her gift to you was this clear plastic box of long, red taper candles. they were pretty....but they were also somehow connected with this strange (seemingly goth) 'club' in GR where you had to bring one of their trademark candles to get in...

we were all a bit confused/ weirded-out by the place and the gift...

my mom was there too...and she kept asking us to stop and pray...and sing together.

all throughout the dream i never realized the connection between you and my freshman college roommate...the reason you were together in my dream...

you are both "Lindsey"

...and she just called me the other day out of the blue.