Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Good night

I am getting ready for bed and needed to sit down and unwind a little by writing some random thoughts. I just got off the phone with my dad. It was so wonderful to hear his chuckle (even though it was accompanied by a cough). When i said that he doesn't sound well, he said he sounds fine, until he laughs. I enjoy the fact that there is no awkwardness with him. It makes my heart happy when we are both laughing at the same time and then stop at the same time to start the conversation back up. I love my family. I love the whole idea of family. . . that a group of people so different are all connected deeply. I would do anything for my family. I am trying not to have "should'ves" or "i wishes" pop into my head, but they are there. I wish we lived closer. I should call them more. . . etc. My dad made my heart smile because after telling him i needed to get ready for bed and i would see him soon, i hung up the phone. It rang a minute later. He just wanted to make sure that he told me he loved me because he was interrupted by a cough earlier. To be told that you are loved has to be one of the best feelings. . . especially by a man that wasn't told that by his dad growing up. I am loved. I am loved by so many. It feels so good.

Another random thought, perhaps not as deep. I have never had to "style" my hair before. I am liking my new haircut becuase i just blow dry it. . . however, then i want it to stay "poofy" so i need to hairspray it. I need your help. I need it in a big way. What do you do to prevent the nasty, scratchy, sticky film of crusty residue all over the counter and floor? I don't know what is worse, long hair scattered every where or crusty spray making itself at home on my counter. Any suggestions?

Good night. Thanks for loving me :)


Anonymous said...

Lindsey, your hair looks awesome! I love it! I can sympathize with the crusty hairspray issue.. my solution... don't use hairspray - use something else. I like a nice pomaide, adds shine and control with no crunchy/flakey nastiness and layer of sticky residue on the bathroom floor.

Also, I think it is really awesome that you donated your hair.. it's one of those easy every day things that we all say we should do, but somehow end up not doing - life gets to busy or complicated, or whatever. I think it's cool that you made the extra effort.

I also envy your girls day! We need to have one of those again sometime soon because I miss laughing hysterically with you!


cheesy-spoosh said...

Hi Mary! Thanks for sending me before and after pictures of your house. I can clearly see all the hard work you put into it. It looks fabulous. And i love Keller in his costume. How fun.

We definetely need a girls day.Laughing hysterically is good for the spirit and i miss you.

Thanks for writing and i will talk to you soon.