Sunday, October 05, 2008


Last night, after putting Jaelynne to bed, TJ started making his applesauce. Yum. We only had two jars from the last time he did it. I decided to scrapbook a couple pages while watching Seinfeld season 2. It was a relaxing night. The only night TJ chooses something he would like to do and not something he has to do. I came up from downstairs, to find the kitchen filled with the aroma of warm apples and the counters covered in applesauce making accutrement.

The canner

This has nothing to do with apples, but check out this crazy carrot on steroids we got at the farmers market. These carrots are so delicious- super sweet.

Cooking down the apples.

The food mill makes it easier- according to TJ. I wouldn't know.

The rejected parts, although they won't be rejected by our compost pile

TJ chopped lots of apples. We bought a mix because it makes the best applesauce, pies and crisp. $12.00 for that huge overflowing bushel of apples.
Some of you may be wondering so i will tell- yes, TJ did clean the kitchen up, of course.


tarapetty said...

Yummy applesauce. We are going to try to make applesauce this year for the first time.
Where did you get food mill? We have been looking and can't find one.
Also, how many quarts did that make?

Lindsey said...

Tara- i asked tj and he said that the food mill makes it sooooo easy. It is from bed bath and beyond- it is a good grips one.

He said he thinks a half bushel makes about 8 quarts

Happy applesauce making!

Kate Rudd said...

yum..this is one of the few things i cook every year, and almost forgot this fall! thanks for the reminder..
i've never used the food mill, though. sounds like it would be easier.

Anonymous said...

Must be something in the air brcause I made a second batch of applesauce myself Saturday. Didn't can it though, just put it in freezer bags into freezer. The food mill is made by Good Grips but I got it from Love, Dad

gail said...

Just thought of something else I might NEED on the weekend--applesauce!