Friday, October 17, 2008

Normal and Random

Things seem back to normal again, if there is such a thing. TJ doesn't have class this weekend and we are not going anywhere. Grand Rapids and Traverse City were wonderful for different reasons. It was nice to have a break from the norm, but it is good to get back to normal (for example, Jaely taking a two hour 15 minute nap today).

Random thoughts/events

  • I actually enjoyed the presidential debates on Wednesday. I was impressed by Obama, especially when asked about Palin and of course i liked the Fox News remark. Not very impressed with McCain. My favorite part was when he was talking about kids with special needs and said sympathetically ". . .kids. . . children, precious children. . .with autism" You could see the gears grinding in his brain as he tried to think of choice words to portray the strongest and most sympathetic way to refer to the kids with special needs. I could not believe the tremendous amount of blinking he did. I know that i do not base my vote on a person's number of blinks during a debate, but i thought it was crazy.

  • My step-dad left a lengthy message on our machine that involved him playing his "Gee-tar". It was creepy and i think some alcohol was the cause, but one can't be too sure. i tried not to let it ruin my day. I am sure that he does not read this, since he asked me to print off some things from the internet and send them to him. . . you know, recipes and some old country singer's songs (because i have so much time in my day- i am only mothering a six month old, you know.) Sorry if my bitterness is making an appearance. That is one time i am glad i did not answer my phone- that and two days before when he left another message.

  • We went out tonight with Kathleen and her family. Greta looks so different, but her laugh is just the same- full of eye-crinkling enthusiasm and very contagious. My favorite quote from her tonight "i like beer. (long pause) root beer" and then laughed like it was the funniest joke. Most of her hair fell out in the front, so she kind of has a kindergarten mullet going on and she has plumped up from all the medication, but she is responding well to treatment. Grace entertained Jaely wonderfully and spoke about the MEAP like it was the best thing on earth. It was so relaxing and so fun to go out as a family. On the way home (sevenish) jaely finally got a little cranky, not bad considering she also spent the afternoon at my school, being held by a plethora of strangers and people not so strange. Anyway, on the way home when she was just starting to whine a little, TJ and i broke into song. Away went the whines. She listened intently to the two of us singing (if you can call it that) "if you're happy and you know it," "The Wheels on the bus go round and round," an attempt at "The Peek-a-boo Song," and "J-A-E-L-Y" (sung like B-I-N-G-O only it goes there is a baby who's so cute and jaely is her name-o. She was probably smiling, but it was too dark to see. I like to think she is one person who smiles when we sing. It was great! and it worked.

  • I went to school today for treat day. I love the people i work with- have i mentioned that before? I do not miss the MEAP test that went on all this week. I do not miss the principal. I do miss all the other junk. I miss the people and the actual teaching, which sadly has become such a small amount of a teacher's job. Jaely was great- smiley, happy, and not afraid of anyone. Well, maybe the wood scared her a little, but she kind of scares me too. That was mean. I, of course, never get to talk to anyone long enough to catch up. Either they sat at a different table or i got asked a question as someone comes to see Jaely and i have to switch out of a conversation.

  • Next year, there is a good chance i am teaching young fives. Can you imagine? I cannot. Yikes! I cannot think of that or i won't sleep. I will just worry about my job this year- who is sleeping in the next room. I am preparing her for the MEAP test. Not really, but i wouldn't put it past the state to someday make it so there is a test at one year of age.

  • I currently have 7 loopies by Lindsey completed. I have been working my butt off during Jaely's naps (which means the house is messy). I have at least 5 orders for them. . . probably more if i actually sat down and thought of them all. Ya, i can think of more already. I am just making a bunch, mostly girl or boy, but a few neutral. It seems most people find out the sex of their baby. It is nice to watch the stack grow. I am increasing the prices of them for several reasons- TJ and i sat down with a spread sheet to figure out how much they cost to make, i spoke with some people who named a price before i said how much i sold them for, i compared them to some others that are being sold, i am making them bigger than before, and i can no longer make one side the less expensive non-texured material because it is no longer being sold in stores. I think $20 instead of $12. TJ and Misty still think more, but i don't know. . . i feel bad already increasing it that much.

  • Tomorrow, TJ is working on his midterm for his grad class and doing some research for his paper. I am going to have a normal day and maybe go to Joanns for more fabric in the early evening. Hooray!

  • i am trying to get a post longer than Daniel's last post. . . did i accomplish my goal?

Well, i think that is random and long enough.

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