Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oops. . . we slept in

I haven't set an alarm since Jaely was born. . . no need to. I don't sleep that soundly in the morning because i have to pump and then i can't fall back to sleep or she is making sounds. Anyway, Jaely woke up at 4:30 this morning and wouldn't go back to sleep, so at 5 i fed her. She was asleep by 5:30. I had a horrible headache last night, so my loving husband turned off my monitor. When he came to bed, he put the monitor on his side of the bed. Jaely. . . and TJ. . . and i slept until 9. Oops, we got up too late for church. I am really bummed because we missed it last week and the political series is happening.

So, instead of going to church, i made cinnamon rolls and looked through the ads of the paper. I absolutely love the coupon fliers. They have the weirdest "collectibles" sold in them. This week: genuine leather care bear purse that is larger than the size shown (which is a good thing, since the picture was only three inches long), the first ever scarlet o'hara sculptural shoe (i wonder why it is the first ever?), and i saved the best for last- the farting teddy bear.

The ad shows this ugly bear with a square cartoon of the bear sitting on a couch at a dinner party. There is a "F-F-F-F" coming from the bear as people at the party are turning their heads. In the lower corner of the picture is a hand with a remote control. Yes! That is right. The farting bear is controlled by remote control.

Farting Teddy Bear

People just can’t keep their hands off our cute little Teddy Bear! But they are in for a surprise because when they cuddle him, you press a button on a remote and he breaks wind! Guaranteed laughs for everyone! Adorable 17 inch plush bear uses 2 AA batteries (not included). Remote comes with cell battery. Makes a great gift!

I know you want one, so check out their ad, but make sure to click on the bear, so that you get the full colorful ad. It will make you smile.

Speaking of smiling- i also read in the paper that a man was arrested for pleasuring himself with a vacuum cleaner. You might be thinking, well that is disturbing, but if a man wants to do that in his own home, he should be allowed to. The problem was that he was doing it in a car wash. That is just creepy. I cannot imagine pulling my car into a car wash and seeing that.

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