Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mom's Birthday

It seems so strange for me to think about the fact that i haven't seen my mom in almost 5 years. That is a long time to go without seeing someone that you loved so much and was your best friend. The sound of her laugh is beginning to fade from my memory. I knew it would some day. I haven't heard it in awhile. Today, my mom would have turned 61. I have been thinking a lot about her. Right now Jaely and i are spread out on a big yellow blanket. My mom bought this blanket at pier one for me, probably about 20 years ago (i am old!). I hated the fact that my room was yellow (from when i was a baby), so my mom used the yellow and turned into something that i could at least live with. Granted, my room still had yellow carpet, yellow walls, some yellow wallpaper, but the accessories made it somewhat cooler.

These are pictures from her birthday in 1978, when she was turning 31. I would have been almost 4 months old. Notice i didn't have any hair either, like jaely. These are two of my favorite pictures. . . i have posted them before.

I just thought of her last night when i returned from grocery shopping. Whenever my mom would return from grocery shopping she would pull in the driveway and honk her horn. This honking was our signal to drop what we were doing and to come and help unload the car. If we didn't come fast enough, she would honk again. We hated that she did that. I was tempted to do that last night for a laugh, but i didn't want to wake jaely up.

Tonight i am making pasta a la caprese in honor of my mom. Jered is coming over for dinner and to visit with Jaelynne.

Her life was definitely worth celebrating. She probably would have celebrated by taking a really long nap, staying in her jammies, and making pasta a la caprese and a texas sheet cake. Actually she probably would have gone out to eat and to a movie with George. Who knows.

She is worth celebrating.

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