Saturday, October 25, 2008


TJ did not sleep last night. It isn't that he just couldn't fall asleep, or got a little sleep, or got poor quality sleep. . . he didn't sleep a wink last night. His papers were due today. He typically is quite a procrastinator, but that actually wasn't the case this time. There was just too much to do in too short of a time. He took two days off of school this week, and although i must admit that playing a good part of one of the mornings with our new satillite dirct tv (cheaper than cable) didn't help his papers get done, but it did keep him from going insane. I think it is literally impossible to work non stop for two days without any "you" breaks. I did make him extra thick brownies to help him through these long hours.

Because i am TJ's designated proof reader (which one greatly needs when writing on no sleep) i didn't get a lot of sleep last night either, although i did get more than him. I proofread part of a paper at midnight and went to bed when i was finished. Then i woke up at 4:30 and proofread the rest of the one and then the other paper. I think they were each 12 pages. I got done at 6:15. TJ fixed the errors, printed them out, got dressed and was out the door by 7 to go to class. Things like references, page numbers, title page were done just in time. There were errors in the paper that i wasn't sure of, but we didn't have the time or energy to look them up. I just kept saying to myself, he just needs a B. . .it doesn't need to be perfect.

Jaely wasn't escpecially helpful last night either- not by choice, i am sure. She was congested and woke up several times. On one occasion, TJ had to rock her for 20 minutes to get her to settle down and go back to sleep. We suctioned her nose and throat repeatedly. At 1 in the morning, i begged God to let her sleep the rest of the night, for all of our sakes. And she did, until 7:30. It was so hard pulling myself out of bed at 7:30 on a rainy morning, after only going back to bed at 6:30. Now i know why TJ thought it would be better if he just didn't sleep at all (that is when he thought he would actually had a choice, turns out he didn't)

My plans for today have changed. Sleeping is my focus for my daughter and for myself. When TJ gets home, he is going to kiss me and his daughter and then take a long, long nap. I think Jaely and i will sneak off somewhere and leave him alone in a quiet house.

I hope by some miracle that she is an excellent napper today.

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