Friday, April 01, 2011

Spring Break- Day 1

I got to sleep in until 7, instead of 5. I enjoyed feeding Cami and not feeling as rushed as a typically do on a Friday morning. She is super cuddly in the morning & this morning i had time to cuddle and play and make her giggle. I also had time to sip my chai, not out of a travel mug while driving to work, but out of a latte mug while sitting next to cami. I even sprinkled some extra cinnamon on it. It is only 12:30 and we have had quite an adventure already this morning. We went to a garage sale with the girls. They had brand new crafting and scrapbooking things for super cheap. They also had precious moments for $5, but i resisted my temptation, especially since i don't have my current collection fully displayed as it is. We got Jae an awesome organizer filled with beads, never opened and a polly pocket car and camper. She is so excited to go camping this summer. She has already started talking about it.

In a few minutes i am going to take a nap. . .a guilt free nap, which NEVER happens. I should always be doing something else, but now that it is spring break, i can tell myself that i have plenty of time to get things done at another time.

This evening, Jaely and papa are going to Miss Amber's for some pizza and to see some of her friends. I am hanging at home with the Camster. This spring break, i hope to get some scrapbooking done, start weeding through stuff in the basement, maybe rake out the gardens, and if it is warm enough clean windows and screens. That is quite a list with a 3 year old and an almost 5 month old. We will see!

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gail said...

Very hip new look, and the picture is wonderful!!